Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Bike Ride!

Today we had another beautiful day! Brian mowed the backyard and I took care of some weeding and planting, with Reese supervising. When Wyatt woke up from his nap we decided to take him in the court behind the house to ride his bike outside for the first time.

He did a pretty good job. He was able to peddle on his own for a little bit, but then he stood up and tried walking the bike. The neighbors' chocolate lab came out and Wyatt got distracted by him. He was petting him and laughing, but then he got right back on the bike. At one point he started walking with the bike really quickly and he fell. All he did was look up and say "Wy Wy fall down. Wy Wy's bike fell down." He then decided it would be more fun to take things out of the garage, so the biking session came to an end.

Reese sat under the tree in the side yard playing the entire time. She looked very cute, like a little southern belle sitting under the tree with her wide hat on, just smiling.

Brian and I went out to dinner tonight and it was terrible. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, which we usually really like, but the service was awful. I waited tables for 3 years, and Brian waited tables for a couple years too. We're very forgiving. But it's not that hard. Our waiter was awful. Since we had such a terrible experience at dinner, Brian stopped at 7-11 on the way home and got me a Tim Riggins slurpee! Yippee!

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