Monday, April 27, 2009

The Beach!

Sunday morning the weather was too perfect to pass up a family walk on the boardwalk. Typically I stay as far away from the Oceanfront as possible, but it's the only place to walk with the kids! We were out of the house and at the beach by 8:45 (a minor miracle in this house), and we went for a great walk. It was actually Reese's first trip to the beach. We really wanted to get her toes in the sand and take her down to the water, but after we walked 62 blocks, it was getting too sunny and hot to keep my fair haired child out in those conditions!

Both kids did really well on the walk. There was only a little period of time when Wyatt wanted to get out and "walk with Daddy," but it was too crowded. Oh yeah, and I was trying to actually get exercise, and two year old pace isn't exactly heart pumping!

Reese learned to take her hat off, which means I will have to go buy her a new one that velcros under her chin! I can't let her stay in exposed sunlight because I know she'll burn (I say I know because I'm not actually going to let it happen). I have to slather her in sunscreen when we leave the house!

The only problem with the day was the parking situation. We parked in the garage because we thought it was only $1 for parking for Locals. Upon exit, they told us that is only the case at night, when people are at the oceanfront drinking. And then they leave their cars there and get towed, and the city makes a ton of money! Sometimes I just don't get it....

It's a scientific fact: both children can not look at the camera at the same time.
At the beach!
Wyatt and Daddy
Reese loves the sunshine!

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