Monday, April 13, 2009

Birthday Party!

Wyatt's Birthday Party was Saturday afternoon. We had about 30 friends and family members over and we had a great time. The birthday party was Wonder Pets' themed, and Wyatt loved it. I spent all night on Friday night putting up streamers in the den and getting things ready for the party.
Brian and I still had some errands to run on Saturday morning, but things still went really well. If you've ever seen an episode of The Wonder Pets, then you probably know that they celebrate with celery after they save the animal in trouble. Sometimes they top their celery with a regional flavor from the animal's home. Brian desperately wanted to have a celery buffet highlighting some of the delicacies that the Wonder Pets have eaten. I complied with the request, and we had the celery buffet. A few highlights - Celery on the Barbie (grilled celery skewers) - from The Wonder Pets Save the Kangaroo, Celery with Soy Sauce - from The Wonder Pets Save the Panda, and Celery Dogs (hot dogs on celery)- from The Wonder Pets Save the Pigeon. I was unable to try these delicious side items, but I heard that the Celery on the Barbie was quite good.
Wyatt loved seeing his friends and his big cousin Colin. The highlight for Wyatt (obviously) was opening his presents. He started trying to open one as soon as the party started, but we were able to hold him off until after everyone had eaten. There was only one problem. Wyatt opened his Garbage Truck from Mimi and Baba first. Wyatt loves garbage trucks. They're one of his obsessions. He will tell you that "The trash truck comes on Thursday." He also likes to say "Trash man gonna come pick up Wyatt's diapers on Thursday." Wednesday nights we tell him that the next day is Thursday and he jumps up and down with excitement. He makes our mothers take him to every window in the house with a clear view of the garbage truck to watch it. So after he opened his new garbage truck he wasn't interested in opening much else. But we were able to pry him away, and he loved the rest of his presents too!
When it was time for cake we all sang happy birthday to him and he blew out his candles. Then he asked to go again. So we sang one more time! He loved his cake, and he gave Reese a kiss while he was eating it so she ended up with frosting face!
After the party he played with his toys for a little bit, but we were all exhausted so we called it a night pretty early. After all, we needed to get some Easter Baskets ready for the kids!
Celery on the Barbie
Celery and PB, Celery Dogs, Celery with Cream Cheese and plain celery for dipping in soy sauce or hot sauce
The Wonder Pets birthday cake
Blowing out his candles
Eating cake
Reese with red frosting on her face after a kiss from her brother
Wyatt and Aunt Allison
Piper got her shirt a little dirty. The tape across her chest says "censored." This was all T and Brian's idea.
Colin and Wyatt playing with the garbage truck

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  1. Happy Birthday Wyatt! That was an amazing birthday for him.. Love thos cake and celeries too.. The kid's seemed enjoyed the party.