Monday, July 28, 2008

Baby Girl Update!

This morning we had our 35 week appointment for Baby Girl (and I seriously just typed her name and had to go back and fix it). Weight gain and blood pressure are still great, and the Doctor said that her heartbeat is perfect! I had the Group B Strep test today as well, so that was fun :(. We start going for weekly visits next week and I have all but the final appointment booked because we have to see the Doctor that will perform the C Section that last week, and her calender was booked so they'll need to squeeze us in somewhere!

Wyatt was very fussy while we were waiting for the Doctor to come in, probably because the room was a sauna! Brian picked up a "Pause" magazine to fan himself off with. The irony of him using a menopause magazine to fan himself off was not lost on us....but it still didn't make Wyatt happy. Brian and Wyatt were on their way out the door when the Doctor came in and Wyatt calmed down. I was so happy that they didn't have to leave...Brian's never missed an appointment for either of them and I knew he didn't want to miss hearing her heartbeat and everything. And once the Doctor was in Wyatt was concentrating on everything he did, so he stopped fussing. Wyatt was especially interested in the baby's heartbeat when they put the Doppler on my stomach. He was just staring trying to figure out where the sound was coming from.

Brian's at the Vet with Noelle now. She's been having some accidents and hasn't been eating...although she clearly has an appetite considering the fact that she still hangs out wherever Wyatt is eating! We're pretty sure that the accidents are a result of lower estrogen levels in older dogs and how it effects the muscle that helps bladder control (Brian does tons of research on this stuff), so we just need to find out what to give her to help with that. And we'll probably switch her food back to her old stuff. She's been on a special medicated food for arthritis for about two years, but she already takes the same supplements that are in the food and she's on pain medication so she really doesn't need the food. Anyway, we'll see once Brian gets back from the Vet.

Once they're back we're going to buy Wyatt this seat for Brian's bike. It's gotten great reviews online and Brian still wants to be able to interact with Wyatt when they're on bike rides. It will be great for when Baby Girl comes and the boys want to get out of the house and for rides down on the boardwalk! After we pick up the seat we'll hang out for a little bit before Brian and I head to the Poison concert tonight....

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