Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our Funny Duck (and Reason 876346274632 Why I Love My Husband).

Tonight Brian came home just in time for dinner and a walk. He came in the door with Noelle and then said he had to go back out to the car because he forgot something. He was gone for a few minutes and then he came inside with daisies and a card for me. I was very excited that he bought them for me, because I knew he was trying to cheer me up. I've been having a lot of back pain and a strain that I developed in the last few weeks with Wyatt has decided to make an early appearance with Baby Girl, so I was a little uncomfortable and sad last night. Well, the card and the flowers made my night (and made me cry, but what's new?), but on top of that he went back outside and brought in a gift bag from Spa Phoenix. He got me 2 gift certificates for half hour pregnancy massages! I'm stoked! I went for one massage when I was pregnant with Wyatt and it was awesome, so I can't wait to go for my first one...and then follow it up with another! Anyway, that's just another reason that I love him so much...he thinks of little things and big things to make me happy for no reason at all (except that I've been pregnant for 16 of the last 24 months):).

Anyway, we went on a walk around the neighborhood and came home and got Wyatt ready for bed. After his shower tonight we had a special surprise for him...his very own duck towel. When I took him out of the shower, I wrapped him in his towel and stood him on the counter in front of the mirror. And he pointed at himself and said "Hi, Duck!" He was so happy, and he wanted to just keep looking at himself...he is a bit vain. After I got him in his jammies I laid him down to his Smashing Pumpkins lullaby CD (Brian's decision, not mine) and for the first time since his nightmare, he didn't cry! He laid down like a good little boy and went to sleep.

"Hi Duck!"
I'm off to bed now too....Wyatt and I have a lot to do this weekend while Daddy works. We're going to the Waterpark with Grammy, Grandpa, Aunt Allison, Uncle T, Colin and Piper on Friday, then we're going to my Big Fat Italian Family Reunion on Saturday in NC and we have even more socializing to do on Sunday because Uncle Marc and April are going to be home. It's going to be a fun, long weekend (but even longer for Brian who has to work through the whole thing:()!

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