Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fun Day (No, Not Really)...

This morning started pretty typically. Got up, went to work, played in an Access Database and Pivot Table and Power Point. And then I had a "problem." My heart started beating crazy fast (an official medical term), I couldn't catch my breath, and I felt dizzy. All while I was sitting at my desk. So, I called my Doctor and was told to go to Labor & Delivery. Fantastic. I LOVE Labor & Delivery. The nurses there are excellent. I got all strapped up, Baby Girl is perfect, no problems with my BP or Pulse so good to go, right?

Not so much. A trip to the ER for an EKG was in order. YAY. We left our nice cocoon in L&D to go to....hell. The triage nurses were average, and then we got our nurse, Paul Giamatti's Italian Cousin (although I'm assuming the Giamatti is Italian too). He BUTCHERED my IV. Like, shoved it up my arm to the point of no return. My arm went numb. After 20 minutes Brian had to go get him and tell him he needed to fix it. So he came back and fixed it. Then (45 minutes later) the X Ray machine came. Sorry, I'm pregnant, even if it's a "Chest X Ray" that "won't effect the baby," we won't be needing it (I mean, the Dentist won't X Ray my teeth, but you want to get my chest? Not until I see a doctor). At this point it had been three hours since my 20 minute spell. 45 minutes after that the girl came in with the EKG machine. That took about 5 minutes. Paul Giamatti's Cousin came back 30 minutes after THAT and asked if a Doctor had been in. As a matter of fact, he hadn't. And I'm pregnant and hadn't eaten since breakfast. I was going to be dizzy again if I didn't get some food. So finally, after I got up and started to leave, an orderly stopped me and went and got a Doctor (there were 5 of them on duty and the ER was empty) who then came and gave me a bunch of attitude. He told me he didn't think I needed a Chest X Ray (seriously, I would have gotten it if the Doctor had said to, I just didn't want to do it without talking to him first), and my EKG was normal and he wasn't concerned about blood clots. So, if I'm short of breath again I should head back to the ER (I'll be going to the new one down the street), but other than that we were good to go. So the Nurse came in, took all my vitals again (and proceeded to explain that there was a D-Dimer(?) test or something that could check for blood clots...except that pregnancy elevates the results of the test) and basically talked to me like he himself is currently attending medical school. He said he just needed to fill out our discharge papers and we could leave.

Then, 5 minutes later the Doctor came in and said "You guys are leaving, you're good to go?" Um, yeah Dude, you told me 20 minutes ago that I was good to go. And I AM STARVING TO DEATH. Anyway, we finally got to leave a few minutes later, after getting a lecture from Paul Giamatti's Cousin about why it's not good to leave Against Medical Advice (insurance doesn't cover it), but we weren't leaving against the Doctor's advice. He had told us we could leave, the Doctor hadn't even signed the paperwork that we were leaving AMA. I was so confused and so hungry I just wanted out. So I left. And I feel fine! Except I'm tired and ready for bed now. And I have other updates on Wyatt, but those will have to wait for tomorrow....

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