Thursday, July 10, 2008

First Name - Check! Everything Else?

So Baby Girl has a first name (but she's still Baby Girl to you)! It's the name that we were planning on using for Wyatt if he was a girl and while we were looking for other names, we've decided that we like that name the best! Now, we just have to find her a middle name (which I am leaving in Brian's completely capable hands).

So now we need -
  • A middle name
  • Stuff moved out of Wyatt's future bedroom
  • The painter to come and paint two rooms and the hallway
  • Move Wyatt into his new room
  • Get the Baby Girl set up in Wyatt's old room.
I've been filling out my pregnancy journal and I've gotten to the part where it asks the question about classes (and I mean like 2 pages about classes). I'm stalled. I feel bad, but we went through all of it a year and a half ago. And, who needs Prepared Childbirth when you had a C Section? Or took the class a year and a half ago? Who needs a breastfeeding class when they succesfully breastfed for nine months (until they got pregnant with number 2...and the kid lost interest)? I don't need to go to an infant care kid is only 15 months, I remember how to take care of him! And a hospital tour? I'll be spending like 4 days there, why spend more?

I guess the point is....I feel bad for Baby Girl. I mean, when she looks at my pregnancy journal she'll see that I didn't take any classes to prep for her. And then she'll think that I wasn't excited to have her or something. I'm not going out on a limb here, I think like that, so won't she? I'm already worried that with her being Number 2 we're not going to take as many pictures or won't get as excited (I don't think that's the case, I'm just worried that we won't have time to take pictures or something). Anyway, those are just current stresses, I'm sure that they're just typical jitters...right?

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