Friday, July 4, 2008

I Know All Parents Think Their Kid is Smart, but...

The other day Brian and I decided to make a list of the words that Wyatt knows how to say. Our main motive behind it was just to figure our how well he communicates, but we also just think he's exceptionally smart and are impressed at his ability to speak. Yes, we are very proud parents. Anyway, here's a list of words that Wyatt can a) say and b) correctly identify when he says it or says at appropriate times.

1. Daddy
2. Mommy
3. Doggy
4. "Woof Woof"
5. Duck
6. "Quack Quack"
7. Car
8. Truck
9. Tree
10. Hi
11. Bye Bye
12. Banana
13. Please (we're working on saying it more)
14. In
15. The
17. Pool
18. Poop (he particularly likes to identify poop - piles in the yard, accidents a certain puppy might have had in the house, accidents he might have in his crib)
19. Ball
20. Bat
21. Basketball
22. Baseball
23. Choo Choo
24. Go
25. Sit
26. Geddoudadere (Get out of there)
27. Didi (My mom)
28. Pop Pop
29. Katie
30. Where
31. Potty (maybe all this interest in the potty will make him easy to potty train?)

So there are a few more words that he can say that I can't think of right now, but there are also signs that he identifies (like eat, drink, change diaper, etc.). He also recognizes a lot of words and reacts to them. If I ask if he wants a bath he comes and grabs my hand and takes me to the stairs. If I ask him if wants a drink he goes and waits by the fridge and does a dance until he gets it (and occasionally throws the "Pleeeeeeeease" in). I think that he's on the verge of saying a few more words because he's come close. He was very close to saying "Grammy" (Brian's Mom) yesterday, and he's trying to say his cousin Colin's name but it keeps coming out as "Cudy," and he's entertained by my brother who's in town for the weekend and since we'll be with him all day tomorrow he'll probably say "Marc" at some point. Anyway, sorry if I'm being a little proud, but every mother is right?

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