Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good Dog Owner

Wyatt has a stuffed black lab (it's actually Brian's...I made it at Build A Bear for him years ago), that he has now become attached to. Attached as in, yesterday we went out to run errands and the dog came with us. He held onto it the entire time he was in the car and fussed when I wouldn't bring it in, but I don't want it ending up on some nasty floor. He thinks it's "Cody" which is one of his Grammy and Grandpa's yellow labs. He keeps saying "Where Cody go?" and searching for it.

He's also decided that his dog needs to eat just like Noelle does. This morning I gave him a cookie at snack time and he took it over to "Cody" and put it in his mouth. And he laid down next to him and was sharing the cookie, giving the dog a bite and then taking on for himself. I'm not going to say that he's ever seen anything like that in person (except maybe when Brian and Noelle have graham crackers...but Brian takes the first bite and gives Noelle the rest, they don't "share" it), but he was very sweet laying down next to the dog and petting it and giving it bites.

Giving his dog the first bite
Laying down and sharing the cookie

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