Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Fun

Usual stuff this weekend...Target, Wal Mart, et cetera. Wyatt and I spent a lot of time at my parents' house on Friday and Saturday because we had family in town (hi Jean and Michele!). My brother's fiancee, April, was in town as well making some wedding plans and we got to see her ring, and talk about her plans for the big day next summer. My sister and I were asked to be in the wedding, which we're excited about! Besides hanging out over there we've pretty much been homebodies all weekend (yeah, we're pretty boring around here). Wyatt's been watching a new Animal show On Demand and is learning the animals - he shouts "Cat," "Snake," Fish,""Titer," (that's a tiger folks) and "Zeda" (zebra). He's also become very fond of saying "Meow," when he sees a cat, even if it's a lion!

Anyway, our friends Pete and Shannon bought two kiddie pools for their son's birthday last month and gave the second one to us to let Wyatt hang out in. Since he's still undergoing his daily "soaks" for his foot, I decided to put him in the kiddie pool today. He had fun playing in there (not with actual toys, just a nozzle for the hose and his life jacket that wasn't on), until Aunt Katie jumped in the real pool. Then the kiddie pool wasn't as fun, so he swam with her for a little bit and then she got in the kiddie pool with him.

Who knew life jackets were fun toys?

Having fun!

Dancing with Katie

He had just taken a sip of the nasty water!

Tomorrow we have a Doctor's appointment for Baby Girl and potentially a vet appointment for Noelle (she hasn't been eating much this weekend). Oh, and Brian and I are also going to see Poison tomorrow night. Yeah....I know. But, Brian really likes them and I'm tagging along because I think the girls are funny (and I really like his show), so we should have some fun.....

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