Sunday, July 13, 2008

Visiting "Daddy Work"

Yesterday Wyatt and I went to visit Brian at the waterpark. The cool thing about this visit was that Brian had a super special manager shirt made for Wyatt that looks just like his. So when we set off on our trip Wyatt was wearing his khaki shorts, sneakers, blue sunglasses and his blue collared shirt that's just like Daddy's. The only thing Brian has that Wyatt doesn't have (yet) is one of the waterpark baseball caps.

Wyatt had a lot of fun sitting at Daddy's desk and "doing paperwork" as well as "crunching numbers" on the calculator. He also took part in a "meeting" with Dave and then made the rounds out in the park (after he tucked his shirt tails in), where he checked to make sure the balloons were blown up at the birthday party tent. He also got to hang out with one of his favorite people Anna, who let him use her walkie talkie until he got his own kiddie one.
Sitting at Brian's desk enjoying his water
Laughing at Daddy and Dave

Something needs to be taken care of outside

Crunching the numbers

Out in the park with Daddy

Checking something out

Playing with the balloons

Playing with the radio

Laughing with Daddy
Walking through the kiddie section with Daddy with his own little radio (Daddy's Number 1, you can call Wyatt 1.5)

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