Thursday, July 24, 2008


I am so lucky to be able to work for a really great company and a really cute little green lizard. Over the last four and a half years I've made some really great friends and I've been fortunate enough to work for some really great people (and only recently have I begun to discover that this isn't always the case for some. I've always worked for really great people....just ask my husband :)). Anyway, today I had lunch plans with some friends. I was driving because I have the cool pregnancy parking spot and we were on our way to Panera. We were pretty close to the shop when I looked in my rear view mirror and said out loud "Is that Brian's Jeep back there behind us?" My friend Lisa's response was "I should have driven today." Okay...I hadn't realized I was such a bad driver.

We turned into the Panera shopping center and my friend Laura said "Hey, can we stop at Outback so I can drop something off for my brother?" I pulled into Outback for a quick stop. Laura's brother owns the local Outback and her fiance is the local Events Manager so I legitimately thought nothing of her having to run in. Well, once we pulled in, Lisa grabbed her purse too and said "aren't you going to come in and say hi?" My response was "No, I'm going to chill in the car." Then Laura opened my car door. And I got out of the car. Then I saw Brian. And I knew. My friends planned me a surprise shower at Outback!!!!!!!

It was great! Outback usually isn't opened for lunch, but Laura's brother opened up and her fiance was cooking us some yummy food! There were cheese fries and blooming onion and wings and spinach dip and bread and steak and chicken and it was all delicious! There were about 15 of us there eating and having a great time..... including my husband who managed to keep ANOTHER secret from me for about 2 weeks! I was shocked! I couldn't believe I hadn't found out at all between Brian and the fact that I review my boss's calender and emails daily to make sure he doesn't miss anything! They hadn't even sent him anything electronic for me to pick up on! We had another situation of men not necessarily knowing appropriate and inappropriate things to discuss at a Baby Shower.... but this time it was my boss and the interns:). We got loads of great little baby girl stuff (seriously, we are so blessed to have so many fantastic friends who we love!) and Baby Girl corner has now become Baby Girl side of my room! Fortunately, Brian set up the painter to come next week so we'll have everything in order soon enough!

I really absolutely can not thank everyone who put all of our showers together enough....we're so lucky to have all of you!

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