Monday, July 14, 2008

Baby Girl Update!

Today was my 33 week appointment for Baby Girl. I've now put on 22 pounds and my blood pressure was 106/58. I was actually shocked at how low my blood pressure was taking into account how stressful it is just to get both of my boys out of the house!

I had a few questions for the Doctor today (I won't bore or disgust you with the details) which resulted in me being "checked." I HATE being checked. In fact, I had blocked out just how miserable the whole experience was until today. Anyway, this resulted in the Doctor notifying me that I am now effacing and that I need to seriously be aware of my contractions and take immediate precautions to lie down and drink water when they set on. If they keep coming for over an hour, I need to call them. I've had several, mostly 4 here and 2 there but with a 15 month old, lying down and drinking water isn't exactly an always option. Wyatt will play nicely in his playroom by himself for up to an hour, but I hate leaving him in there for that long (and I hate the way the room looks after I've left him in there that long).

The Doctor asked me why I had the C Section with Wyatt, and after fighting the urge to tell him to flip back in my chart and read because I was pretty sure the Doctor had made notes, I told him it was failure to progress. He wanted to know how far I'd dilated (8 cm, only after an epidural relaxed me enough), and whether Wyatt was late (10 long days). He seemed kind of surprised by all of it. Then he told me that our goal right now is to get Baby Girl to 36 weeks (which I know) and that I really need to make sure that I make sure I pay attention to everything. After 36 weeks I guess they'll just rush me into surgery and she'll be born. So for now, the goal is to get her to August 5....and then hopefully August 25!
OK, so I would typically be self conscious about putting my big fat stomach online, but this picture of Wyatt giving his sister a kiss is too cute not to. Especially since he walked up and pulled my shirt up to do it. By the way, it really sucks when your stomach sits on your thighs. Seriously.

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