Monday, July 7, 2008

Little Yankees Fan

Last night was game four of the Yankees/Red Sox series in the Bronx. After Brian got home he put on the pregame and we were all playing in the den. Wyatt was watching the "Plays of the Week" on TV with Daddy and kept pointing and saying "Whoa, whoa." We sometimes refer to him as our little Keanu because this kid is all about some "whoa." Anyway, Joba Chamberlain was making his first start against the Red Sox last night, so I went upstairs and got my "Joba Rules" t-shirt and put it on Wyatt. The look was complete with Brian's Yankees hat and Wyatt's Yankees bat. Then Bam Bam ran around the house with bat in hand trying to hit things. He actually ran into the Yankee Room (yes, we are obsessed) and started trying to hit one of Brian's autographed baseball's off the shelf (Ron Guidry). We had to remove him from the room before he did too much damage, but he ran back in the den to watch the game and scream "whoa" some more!

Hi, I'm cute, I know it

Welcome to my Yankee room (with some baby gear mixed in)

Trying to beat the Ron Guidry ball (at least he knew to hit a baseball with a bat)

See, this is how you get to Yankee Stadium
Beating the dog bed with the bat

Running somewhere else

Cuddling with Noelle

Brian doesn't realize it when he looks at this picture, but this is EXACTLY what he looks like when he watches the game (arm up, look on his face, everything but the legs 'cause Brian's can touch the floor :))

Watching the pregame

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