Monday, July 7, 2008

Busch Gardens!

Today Brian and I took Wyatt on his first trip to Busch Gardens. We hadn't really made any plans for today until we woke up this morning, so we got a late start. We didn't leave the house until 10:30 (would've preferred to leave by 9) and we didn't get there until 11:45 (10 would have been better).

We pretty much laid out what we wanted to accomplish on the car ride up in terms of what Wyatt could do. We wanted to take him to the Pet Shenanigans show (we saw it at Sea World and he loved it), plus the Carousel, Land of the Dragons and the Clydesdale horses. Unfortunately, the heat started kicking my butt as soon as we got in. I'm not even sure I moved 1 mile an hour while were in the park. And as much as I should have known better, I didn't eat enough for breakfast so I got light headed. As soon as we got in, we took Wyatt to the Clydesdales, which he really enjoyed. He'd never seen a horse before, let alone one up close. He got his picture taken with one named Chip and he got to pet him. Brian told him to do "nice horsey" and Wyatt was very gentle, like a good boy!

Then we went off on our hunt for food. For some reason I only wanted to eat at FestHaus which was across the park (I'm dumb!). So we hiked over there and got lunch, but missed the Pet Shenanigans show. We went to the carousel instead and Wyatt had a blast. He rode it three times! Brian said he kept saying "whoa" while they road around.

We headed over to Land of the Dragons where I sat and Brian and Wyatt played. Wyatt thought the skyride was so cool. The boys went to the top of the "fort" and the skyride was passing right by. Wyatt kept smiling and pointing. He then got to ride two rides with Daddy that took him high up. On the ride where they "flew" the dragons, Wyatt kept playing with the controller that made them go up and down and laughing.

There was still enough time to make it to the next show, but the three of us had all had enough of the heat, so we packed up and headed home. Of course, we didn't stop to think about the tunnel traffic so we had an enjoyable 2 hour ride home! Wyatt was so cranky on the ride home (unless he was listening to Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood) that I was sure he would fall asleep. But no such luck! The little fella just had a pretty early bedtime.

Anyway, lessons learned - leave early (10-2), pack even more water for us and Wyatt, and eat a better breakfast. And get a grown up stroller for me!
Nice Horsey
Posing (yes, they are both wearing camo shorts and red shirts...Wyatt also had his Yankees hat and blue sunglasses on for a little bit)

Happy on the carousel

Giddyup horsey!

Wyatt astonished by the skyride

Wyatt had a blast up there!

Playing in the netting

Peaking out of the bars
Riding the ferris wheel like thingy
Flying the dragon!

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