Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our Weekend

Wyatt and I have been on the go pretty much all weekend. On Friday morning we went to my parents' house to see my brother and his girlfriend who'd come to town from Charlotte. They haven't seen Wyatt since his birthday party in March, and Wyatt was a little leery at first about going up to them. But in a matter of five minutes Wyatt was all about playing with "Mawc" and trying on his cowboy boots (I'm not sure where this cowboy boot thing came from...maybe he needs to get out of Carolina).

Then we met Brian's parents, Allison, T, Colin, Piper and Grandma (Brian's Grandma, Wyatt's Great Grandma) at the waterpark where we hung out in a nice, cool cabana. Fortunately, Grammy and Grandpa wanted to take Wyatt to play so that I didn't have to chase him. I did take him into the wave pool while the waves were on and he was a little pro at jumping the waves. He had a blast in there. At one point Wyatt and I were looking for Brian, and Wyatt spotted him from far away and pointed and said "Daddy, Daddy, 'Ere's Daddy!" He was so excited to see him! By the time we left the park Wyatt was exhausted and fell asleep before we even pulled out of our parking spot. We went back to my parents' house where Wyatt and I both took naps and Wyatt was fed dinner and given a bath (I love that place)! When we got home we hung for a bit before Wyatt went to bed and I spent the night attempting to sleep (I really just can't get comfortable anymore).

Yesterday we went down to Moyock for a family barbecue with my Grandfather's family. Wyatt had fun playing on the deck and bribing people to give him potato chips (he would only let you hold him if you offered him a chip first). Brian came home pretty early last night so we went to Babies R Us for a few things (and met up with Steph and Dave) and then went out to dinner at the Olive Garden. I felt bad because we had Wyatt out pretty late, but he was such a good boy at dinner (relatively was late). He was zonked out in the car and slept until 8:00 this morning!

Today we're going back to my parents to see my brothers (yeah, now they're both in town) before they leave and to have some lunch. There's four dogs over there right now (parents two plus my "nephews" Charlie and Sarge) so hopefully everyone behaves themselves (baby and dogs alike) and we can have a nice time!

One word I forgot plus a new one....
35. No
36. Marc - pronounced "Mawc"

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