Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friday and Saturday

On Friday night Wyatt had a t-ball game that was a make up for one of the (many) rained out games this season.  He had a couple of "big hits," as he would say!  His teacher told Brian last week that according to Wyatt, he is "really good at soccer, really good at baseball, and a really big hitter."  As she said, we have no problem with his confidence levels!
 This little guy had a great time, as usual.  Of course, he sometimes needs a little snack to make it through the game!
 On Saturday Wyatt had another game.  He played first base, right field, and he pitched.  He cracked me up when he was in right field because he backed up first base on every play!  He did a really great job!
 We spent the day on Saturday hanging out at home, and then went to a party in court!  The kids had a blast running around the court, and we got to hang out with the grown ups :).  After a few games of corn hole for Brian and some chit chatting for me (and Reese grabbing cup cakes by the fist full), we left and went to Brian's parents house to visit with the cousins.

The boys had fun roasting marshmallows, and the girls had a lot of fun running around the backyard.  Of course, as usual with Wyatt, he probably ate too much and ran around too much, because he got sick after we got home last night.  Fortunately he woke up feeling much better today!


  1. It sounds like a really fun time! I think it is great that he loves sports!

  2. What is it with boys and fire? LOL