Friday, October 28, 2011

pinnable me: organizing weekend!

Linking up with Stefanie again this week!

Organization is on my mind right now!  We've desperately needed to get our upstairs organized for awhile  (since we moved in)- the attic, the room over the garage, and the loft area were such a mess of unpacked boxes, random stuff, and old furniture.  Our new couch was delivered on Thursday, and Brian spent Wednesday night with Dave moving our sectional upstairs and getting it straightened up.  Then he surprised me by taking 2 days off to unpack all the boxes that were left over from our move in ('s been almost 2 years.  So?)

The most exciting thing is that things are finally going in their appropriate places - which I love.  The room over the garage is going to be a boys' room/ play room/ train room/ Yankees' room.  This means that all the train stuff made its way upstairs!  Yes!

Anyway, my mind is racing with ways to get everything where it belongs - and I love these ideas!

All the laundry in one neat place?! Yes!

Once I create my desk area, I will have something like this!

This is a genius way to back up photo files! 
Source: None via Brittney on Pinterest

If I had more jewelry I would totally do this!  How smart is it to use utensil organizers as jewelry storage?

A way to store all those annoying pantry items?  Yes!

Have a fun and safe Halloween weekend!

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  1. i have been the same way. and pinrest has made me get too many wild hairs up my...well you know. pinrest ideas=me going broke! haha good luck!