Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Morning Bullets

  • I'm bulleting this because I don't really want to write paragraphs.
  • We just got home from Wyatt's soccer game.  He scored 6 goals.
  • After the game we practiced saying "thank you," to people who congratulate you on a good game.  We're hoping that it will replace, "Yeah, I know."
  • It's never too young to teach them good sportsmanship.  And the importance of being humble.
  • I have a lot of cleaning to do right now before we go pick Brian up from the baseball fields.  Yeah, he decided to take on the role of Field Director.  Lots of fun field dragging takes place.
  • A lot of cleaning.  I might be stalling.
  • My mom is coming over this afternoon to watch the kids so Brian and I can have an afternoon together.
  • Our afternoon together will probably include a movie, dinner somewhere, and furniture shopping.  We need a new sofa.
  • Always make your room mates pay for damages that they cause to your brand new sofa when they move out. (Especially if it's noticeable that the couch is sagging in the place they always sat.  Just saying).
  • We listen to the Foo Fighters in the car a lot. This is what Reese told me the other day: "Mom, Wyatt and I said 'whatever,' but only because Dave Grohl did.  We don't say 'whatever' to you.  Because that would be talking back.  But we're just singing."
  • I need to look up movie times for the Ides of March.  George Clooney and Ryan Gosling probably made a good, quality film.  Because that's what's important when you're seeing a movie with George Clooney and Ryan Gosling.
  • I have to go.  I really need to clean.

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  1. Reese sounds like a real character! Enjoy your date!