Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Linking up with Jamie to share what I'm loving this Wednesday! It's a bit of a home decor edition - which is mostly what is on my mind right now (I wanted to go sofa shopping tonight, but it didn't rain enough to cancel Wyatt's soccer game). Anywho, here are some of my current interests...
 I love, love, love this sectional from Haverty's.  Our current couch is a sectional, but it doesn't all fit in our family room!  It also has some sharp pieces sticking out from where it's supposed to connect.  This sectional has the chaise that I love!
I also like this couch from Lazy Boy.  I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to go green, but I really like the big chair that matches this.  And I've actually tried this out.  It's really comfy.

This is the kitchen set that we both love.  It would look perfect in my kitchen, and I love the bench.  Our table is really tall, and I constantly worry that one of the kids is going to fall off.

But I also really love the look of this!  I've been thinking a lot of building a bench like this with storage underneath.  I think this is beyond cute!

I really need to find an area that a cute desk space like this would fit for me.  I've been thinking about using a corner in my room.  And I love this!
And finally - what's a new couch without a new pillow?  I adore this!  I obviously wouldn't want California since I don't live there - but it is awesome!
Hoping to pick out a new couch and have it delivered by Hudson's birthday party next week - but I that's a lot to ask!

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