Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Typical Saturday

This morning we woke up bright and early.
Ate breakfast, loaded up the van, and went to a 9:00 soccer game.
 For warm ups.
 And games.
 And scored goals.  6 of them.  In the first quarter.  And then he was told not to score anymore.  Yeah.  He did a great job passing the ball after that.  And then he scored 2 more.  Then we left early to go to a 10:00 baseball game. 
 The last game of baseball was today.  Soccer continues for a few more weeks.  He got some good hits.  He tried really hard.  Except when he didn't. He thought he was going to be out at first, so he stopped running.  And then the kid dropped the ball.  But he picked it up and tagged first before Wyatt got there.  Because he stopped running.
 Hudson needed to borrow some shades from Pop Pop.
 He really liked wearing them.
After the game the kids got their trophies and had some really yummy cupcakes.  Wyatt went around and said good bye to his friends.  Especially Hunter.  They're good buddies from the Dodgers!  I think he might be on the Dodgers again this spring (unless Brian decides to coach), so hopefully they'll play together again!

After the game we came home and I got ready for a Thirty-One party!  It was actually in the neighborhood, and it was a lot of fun!  I love going to the parties and chatting and showing everyone how versatile the bags and organizational items can be.

The big boys are at the Admirals game tonight - Brian was able to trade for season tickets to the games, so I think that they will get to go a lot!  I'm hoping to go myself a few times, and I know Reese wants to go too. Tonight she had a near meltdown because she wasn't able to go - but I think the promise of one last trip to Busch Gardens tomorrow made it okay!

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  1. they are all so freakin cute!! its so funny that hudson and reese got the red and wyatt bypassed it!