Monday, October 24, 2011

A Little More Hallowscream

So after our stop visiting Elmo, we went to lunch.  We checked the show times, and knew that we needed to get to lunch early.  There seems to be a risque show where we normally eat lunch, and we needed to get in and out before 1.  Seriously - I checked their Facebook page and there were tons of complaints - but this sign was front and center outside the Festhaus.  I knew better than to take my kids to this show!

 After lunch we headed to the bumper cars.  Wyatt and Reese both took a turn on the kid cars.
 Wyatt was also tall enough to ride with Daddy, so they got to ride the big cars together.
 The kids took a ride on the carousel with Mimi and Baba.
 And then we played for a bit longer and left!  We took the train to the front of the park - and we got to ride by a roller coaster!
The kids had such a good time, and all Brian and I talked about yesterday was just how good they were while we were at the park.  If they are as well behaved at Disney World as they were at Busch Gardens yesterday, our trip will be cake!  Of course, other things always pop up, but we are hyper aware of the fact that our kids need to eat well while we're gone - not only because of last year's issue, but also because lately our kids seem to have really sensitive stomachs!

I would love to say that I think we'll make the trip to Busch Gardens before next spring, but I seriously doubt it.  They open for Christmas, but it is always packed, and it's just not fun!  I really hope Wyatt can ride a bigger coaster next year - I was able to ride the Loch Ness Monster when I was 5, and it will be so fun for his first coaster to be the same one I rode!

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