Sunday, October 23, 2011


We planned to take advantage of our season passes by spending one last day at Busch Gardens this season.  We love going, and the kids always have a blast, especially at Halloween (and here, and well, here too).  We try to get them in and out before the scary stuff starts after dark (and honestly, we try to get there when they open on Sundays - no lines and practically empty - we get sooo much done in just a few hours!)

We always start our visits in Sesame Place - so much fun for all of these guys!
After riding the roller coaster twice each and making their way through the rest of the rides, we decided to go visit the Clydesdales. Hudson actually felt comfortable enough to pet this guy today.  I love how Wyatt has his arm around his little sister!
Me and my little guy!  He was so good today!
Reese had so much fun riding the Clydesdale ride.  She really did a lot more on her own today, and she had a blast!
She did do a bit of showing off though :)
An exciting development today was that Hudson actually started playing peekaboo with us!  He loves when we hide and play with him, and he just started saying "peekachoo" when we're playing.  But today he actually started covering his eyes to hide from us!
Wyatt also decided to take a huge step (for him) and went to visit Elmo.  He is very skeptical of all costumed characters (unless you're counting Disney characters), but he ran right up to Elmo and gave him a huge hug! 
This is only the first half of the pictures I took today!  I'll probably share a few more at some point this week! 

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