Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Weekend

Like I mentioned, Wyatt had his first soccer game in 4 weeks yesterday.  4 weeks!  They had two weeks that were ruined by rain, and then they had two weeks off.  His baseball games have gotten in the way of his ability to attend soccer practice, but he was able to go to practice this past week and he finally had another game!

 Wyatt doesn't spend nearly as much time practicing or playing soccer, but he loves it.  He still has some ball hog tendencies though.  It usually works out in his favor when other kids (like his little sister) don't really want to play!
 This little cutie crawled on to the field (during snack time)!
 This was Wyatt last goal.  We had a court show down yesterday when his team played two of our neighbors! Ha!

After soccer we came home and I cleaned stalled, I worked on a few things around the house, and did some things for Hudson's party before my mom came over.  Brian and I went to see The Ides of March, which I thought was really, really good.  We went to the local movie theater/restaurant to see the movie, so we killed two birds with one stone.  Fortunately we have a plethora of passes for the place, so we get to see a lot of good movies!

After we gorged ourselves on pizza, we decided to take advantage of the sunlight that was left and went to a local park to walk.  The path around this lake is a mile and a half long, so hopefully we burned a few calories :).
 I always see this huge fish when we're on the highway, but I've never seen it up close before!
 It was beautiful, and really fun because the leaves are starting to change colors.  I'm definitely taking Reese because she loves to collect leaves!
 After the walk around the lake we went furniture shopping!  We saw a few couches that we like, but we saw a kitchen table that we love!  We'll have to revisit that at a later date.  Our sectional is in decent shape, but we need a new one because there are some sharp sections under the couch that could hurt the kids.  We'd like to move this huge couch upstairs and get a smaller sofa and a chair for the family room!

We spent today hanging out at home after a Target run this morning.  I also worked on the balloon wreath for Hudson's birthday party! A lot of cleaning took place - bathrooms, cabinets, laundry - I'm actually kind of exhausted!  But this little guy's smile certainly cheered me up!  Here he is playing "eek-boo" with Daddy!  His two new words this week are "eek-boo" and "whoa!"
I'm off to finish laundry now - it's picture day at school tomorrow, and Wyatt's clothes need to be ready in the morning!

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