Friday, October 14, 2011

More Pumpkin Patch!

 This post has so many pictures it's ridiculous, but I couldn't choose which pictures to upload from our trip to the pumpkin patch on Sunday.  Before we went to the pumpkin patch we went and had family pictures taken at a local university.  Let's just say that getting pumpkins was a lot easier than getting three kids to cooperate with getting pictures taken!

 Reese and Hudson look precious, but my favorite part of this picture might be the way Wyatt is staring at them with a sad look on his face like no one invited him to sit with them.  He actually refused to go sit down at first.
 Daddy saved this picture by making faces in the background.  Hudson does not look amused.
 Wyatt wanted his picture taken with this cornstalk!
 Daddy and his boys!
 Me and Reese....and all her pumpkins.  I swear she was loading up pumpkins in our wagon faster than I could take them out.  Seriously, she had about 15 pumpkins in there at once!
 Like Brian said, there is no way you can take a bad picture of a baby surrounded by pumpkins!
 So cute!
 Mommy and Hudson!  On last year's trip I was so incredibly pregnant that I wouldn't allow Brian to take a picture of me, and this year he's almost a year old!
 Our big boy.  I can't believe that he is going to be 5 in five months!  So crazy!  He is also a ladies' man.  He has a little girl in his class that he loves to chase, and while she didn't respond nicely the first few weeks of school, they apparently play together all the time.  He talks about her constantly!
Reesie with her pumpkins.  A Daddy pumpkin, a Mommy pumpkin, and one each for Wyatt, Reese and Hudson.  This year we also decided to get one small pumpkin for Noelle at her "special place."

I love fall and all the fun things we get to do together this time of year.  We're hoping to make it to Busch Gardens this weekend to get at least on last trip in!


  1. Adorable pictures!!! Those cornstalks are cool, I wish ours had those. I know what you mean about last year - I was hugely pregnant too! I had Brody less than a month after we went to the pumpkin patch!

  2. I agree with what your husband said, "there is no way you can take a bad picture of a baby surrounded by pumpkins!" That is one cute kid you've got there! (Well, they're all good looking, but Hudson is especially handsome in that photo. LOVE the bare feet!)

  3. I love the pictures! They are so precious!