Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekly iPurge

Pictures from my phone this week:

I made this with the kids last week.  I painted the canvas black (I could have just purchased a black canvas - but the white ones were on sale, and the paint was so cheap - no reason to spend extra money), and then painted their feet white.  Then we "stamped" them on the canvas to make ghosts!  Excuse my writing.  I write with a ruler for everything, and I couldn't do it here.  Next time I think I'll buy stickers to paint over.  And since I bought a multi-pack set, I think we'll probably make turkeys for Thanksgiving and reindeer or a Christmas tree for Christmas!
 When I took our fall decorations down last week, the boxes included old Halloween costumes.  I had to try Wyatt's baby Yoda costume on Hudson.  We haven't decided what he'll be for his first Halloween yet!
 Here is Hudson waiting for Wyatt's haircut to be finished last week.  Out of control cow licks!
 I am in the process of making this balloon wreath for Hudson's first birthday party.  Since his colors will be green and brown with oranges and yellows, I figured this would be perfect!  It looks super cute, and it's pretty "fall-ish," so it might just stay up longer!
 I had to take a picture of Hudson's 11 month sticker to send to Brian.  All my boys love trains! Even Hudson now crawls to the back door when someone shouts "train!"  More and more lots are being sold in our neighborhood, and I know eventually we won't be able to see the train anymore.  My kids will be so sad.  Brian keeps saying he's going to build an observatory on top of the house, or sell ours to build a house that backs up to the tracks.  I hope he's joking. 
 On Saturday night we left the big kids with Brian's parents while we ran a few last minute errands for our pictures on Sunday morning.  We took Hudson with us, and he had a blast (and so did Brian).  He is getting so big, and his new trick is to turn himself around in the cart while we're shopping.  I have a cart cover, but I brought it inside to wash it, and I always forget it!

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  1. The ghost canvas is super cute! I think I'm going to steal this because I still have canvases.