Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reese's First Soccer Game

So, I'm a bad Mommy. I use this blog primarily to document Wyatt, Reese and Hudson's lives - and I really slacked on sharing about Reese's first soccer game!

Her first game was the on September 19th.  Well, actually it was on the 12th, but that's a whole different story (I'm really hoping that somewhere out there is a completely organized children's rec league, but I haven't found it yet).  Reese is on the Dragons, and by some small miracle, she was given number 2, "just like Wyatt and Derek Jeter!"
I love that all the other kids are sitting down, but Reesie is standing there with her hands on her hips.  So her lately.  She is just full of attitude at times, and I don't even know what to do with her now (and I know her teenage years are sure to cause me some grief)!
A team of girls!  There's one boy on the team.
She has had three games since this one, and I think this might be the one and only time she touched the ball (or really was even on the same section of the field as the ball)!  She and Wyatt are total opposites. She generally just kind of wanders around the field.  She likes to run and she also kind of just stares off into space sometimes.  She's not even that fond of actually going out on the field.  She's had a few meltdowns. 

One area that Reesie is really great at is grasping the fact that soccer is a team sport.  She always says that she wants to be a good team player, and she loves handing out high fives at the end of games.  It's those kinds of things that warm my heart and make me really happy that she's playing (even if she shouts that she just wants to go home)!
She might be better suited to be a cheerleader - seriously, look at that pose!
Don't let the big smile fool you - she was excited because the end of a game means that she gets a snack!

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