Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Winner! And Fall TV

Congratulations Heidi!  She won the thermal tote giveaway!  I'll contact you for all the info I need to get it shipped to you!

If you're still interested in ordering a thermal tote, or even hosting a Thirty-One party let me know!  The Fall is the best time to host a Thirty-One Party - so many people are looking for gifts, things to keep organized for the holidays, and even cute bags for their Holiday traveling!  And if you host a party, you can get so many things for half price or even free - and you don't even have to have the party at your house!  You can host a catalog party too!
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So, every Fall it dawns on me (and Brian) that we watch entirely too much TV.  I was going to say that we record something every night of the week, but that would be a lie.  Because I just checked, and we apparently don't record anything on Tuesday nights!

I'm probably guilty of watching the "most" TV because I have it on while I do chores during nap time - which is usually when I watch whatever Bravo show I recorded the night before.  This would also be how I discovered Dance Moms and Top Chef: Just Desserts.  I don't even think I could defend Dance Moms if I wanted to, but I will say that Top Chef is amazing.  I'm seriously in awe of what those people create!

We weren't going to watch any new shows this year - except The X Factor because I love Simon!  I'm still not sure how I feel about the show in general, but I'll keep watching - because of Simon obviously, and also because a local music group made it to the next round and two of the singers worked for Brian at the water park! 

Brian is watching Terra Nova, and I'll admit that I did watch the first episode - but that show is soooo not me.  I'm not into futuristic/pre-historic fiction with a sprinkling of dino animation.

Because of my love of everything Friday Night Lights related, we are recording American Horror Story on Wednesday.  I don't know if Tami Taylor can keep me watching it, but I guess we'll see! I've also recorded Hart of Dixie (because Jason Street is on there, and I'm desperately searching for a show as good as The Gilmore Girls), but I haven't watched it yet.  I'm hoping it's good!

Of course we still have The Amazing Race, Survivor, Law & Order SVU (which, honestly I only half pay attention to - I probably could have stopped watching this show the day I became a parent), Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy to watch.  Oh, and the entire sixth and seventh seasons of Rescue Me.  Our DVR "lost" season six and they released the last two seasons together so now we can finally finish the show!

For tonight though, we'll be watching Game 4 of the ALDS between the Yankees and Tigers.  We're down 2-1, so I'm trying not to get antsy or worried about the fact that AJ Burnett is pitching tonight.  I suppose my 6:30 cup of coffee is probably not going to help calm my nerves!

So, what shows do you just love? 

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