Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wyatt's Pumpkin Patch Parade and Party

This morning Captain America Wyatt went to school in his Halloween costume for his Pumpkin Patch Parade.
 He's really strong.  Really, really strong. See those muscles?
 His class came out and sang three little songs, and then had a "grand finale" with a younger class!
 And then they "paraded" around us!  Wyatt was very serious about his marching.
 But he was all smiles when he walked by us!
 Wyatt got right down to easting - and started with the cupcake.  I guess he has his priorities straight?  I missed the conversation, but apparently the little girl next to him (Gabby) turned to him and asked him if he was her best friend. He didn't answer her, so she asked him again and he said yes.  Her mom looked at Brian and asked if he'd heard the conversation too.  These kids crack me up! 
Wyatt was not happy about us leaving him, but fortunately Mrs. Janette scooped him up and convinced him to go outside and play.  Wyatt then told me that he spent all of his time on the play ground chasing girls.  Yikes! 


  1. Oh honey, just wait until the teenage years. The girls will be chasing HIM!