Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hudson is 11 Months Old!

Seriously?!?  11 months old?!  How is it possible that this little cutie is only one month away from being a year old?!

Here is what Hudson has been up to this month:
  • He is 22 pounds and some change. He feels a lot heavier than that though!
  • He wears a size 4 diaper.
  • He wears his 12 month sleepers and mostly 9 month and 12 month clothes. 
  • He has now completely transitioned to cow's milk.  He hasn't breast fed in about two weeks, and I was mixing pumped milk with his organic milk for about a week - and then I just started giving him his big boy milk - and he loves it!  He eats everything we eat, with the exception of choking hazards (popcorn, anything too big) and peanut butter! 
  • He is getting to be a better sleeper. We have been struggling some with nap times (or length of naps).  He sleeps at night from whatever time I put him down (usually 7:30 or 8ish, but earlier if he hasn't napped), until about 6:30.  We had a rough week or two after school started getting transitioned to a new schedule.  He still needs a cat nap in the mornings, but getting a little sleep in the car usually tides him over until the afternoon.  If we aren't out and about I put him down around 9:00 and he sleeps for about a half hour.
  • He says Uh oh, Mama, Dada, touchdown, hi, Baba, Pop Pop, and bye.  He signs "all done" and waves hi and bye.  In addition to creeping, he has also discovered the kitchen cabinets.  Fortunately everything in the kitchen is baby proof - except for two small cabinets.  Those two seem to be his favorites!  Ha!
  • He has 6 teeth!  The four in the front up top and the bottom two.  I think more are cutting on the bottom right now.  His teeth are huge!
  • He went back for his second hair cut yesterday.  After 7 months of dealing with cradle cap, I'm just happy that he has a normal hair line now :)!
  • He is still sleeping in his sleep sacks.  In fact, I went and bought bigger ones, because he just loves them so much.  And they help him sleep.  And when your 4 year old wakes up at 5:30 every morning you want the others to sleep like angels!
  • He is definitely all over the place now.  Some if his favorite spots to sneak off to include the bathroom (where I have caught him with his hand in the toilet - disgusting!), my bedroom, the playroom, and under the kitchen table.  The doors to my room and the bathroom stay closed, but boy oh boy can this little guy cause a path of destruction in the playroom. 
  • He got his first black eye this month - I initially thought it was because of a mishap involving my sunglasses, but I'm pretty sure he hit his eye on the corner of the baseboards by the playroom.  There is always more baby proofing to be done!
  • He is walking all over the place with his push toy.  Reese is actually really, really great at helping him maneuver his way around the house, and he loves to get in his walking practice!
His birthday party is scheduled and the invitations are going out tomorrow!  I am so excited for his first birthday party, and I can't believe that he about to turn 1!

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  1. I cant believe he is 11 months ! I have been reading your blog since you found out you were expecting him!! :) he is such a little sweetie!