Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

So, I'm linking up with Jamie to share what I'm loving again this week!  First a few bullets that have nothing to do with anything....
  • Women's Olympic gymnastics.  I watched it last night, and it was amazing!  One of the "Fab Five" is actually from here, so it was exciting to watch Gabby compete!  Today when I watched a brief recap even Wyatt was interested.  Of course, he's also been an Olympics junkie over the last few ("Mom!  Is that Kobe playing with Lebron James?  Is that the Duke coach?"), tennis, and weight lifting.  He is obsessed!
  • I like to paint.  But the set up and clean up is annoying!
  • School starts in a month.  I can not believe that Wyatt is just a month away from going to school everyday.  I also can't believe that he is going to be a kindergartener.  And well, this is our last month without a tuition payment.  That's gonna stink...but we love their school, and it's just a year! 
Now on to my laundry room make over, here are a few things that I'm loving for that...

I ordered this 4 compartment laundry sorter.  It works for 4 kids, it works for colors and whites and baby clothes and towels...I don't know how we'll sort everything, but I know that it is awesome!

Source: via Brittney on Pinterest

I really, really love the "look" of this room.  Of course, mine is purple, but I like the layout.  I would love a chandelier and a window (I don't know why they didn't put one in), and of course that low shelf!  I also don't currently have cabinets, but I like my high shelf just fine!

I really want this vinyl for the wall!  Ha!  We saw a similar one when we went to Home-a-rama last month and I thought it was cute!
Source: via Brittney on Pinterest

I also found a couple of printables for my walls...this one is super cute!

I will also be adding my autographed picture of Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out to my laundry room.  A friend got it for me a few years ago, and I've yet to find a spot in my house for it!  I think having it in my laundry room will inspire to me to stay organized.  Or flip out. Ha!

And well..that's about all I've got this week.  I'm ready to have the laundry room finished.  I may have done something stupid and purchased some green samples for my kitchen.  And then painted them on the wall.  So, I suppose that should be my next project :).  That's a woman who is following her pregnancy impulses right there.


  1. Just came across your blog and your children are beautiful!! I am due at the end of August with our first (a boy). How exciting to welcome another girl... I'd have to say that is a perfect mix:)

    Going to catch up some more!!

  2. LOVE the laundry printable. I am printing it out right now.