Monday, July 11, 2011


It's no secret that we're Yankees fans through and through.
From Opening Day to the last game of the season, we try not to miss an at bat.
So we definitely didn't want to miss Saturday's game when the Captain got career hit 3000!

 We were very excited when hit 3000 was a home run!
 He's maybe a little in awe of Derek Jeter.  When he plays baseball (all the time) he is Derek Jeter.

His Jeter shirt is a little small- so it's a good thing that Brian ordered him a new Jeter shirt, a Cano shirt and a shirt commemorating his 3000th hit!  Brian actually bought out the website on Saturday night - everyone but Reese got a shirt (including Hudson).  But Reese will fit nicely into this shirt now, so she doesn't need one!
I guess this milestone has prompted Wyatt to practice some more.  He told me that he has a lot of hits, but he needs a lot more to catch up to Derek Jeter (he won't part with his Little League hat - he wears it everywhere.  Apparently he is a Dodger and a Yankee at the same time).  He cracks me up!

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