Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekly iPurge

The pictures on my phone are usually pretty random - but I take a lot to send to Brian throughout the day.  He misses so much when he's gone from 8:30 to 7:30 six days a week, so it's nice to be able to keep him updated on what goes on without calling 50 times (though I do call a lot), and it gives him a chance to see the kids.

 On Wednesday night, Brian went to see Captain America (again) with Dave.  After the kids went to bed I started packing up baby clothes.  This is the "keep" box.  Just in case.  Or so I can make a baby quilt out of them one day :).  This is just newborn and 3 months - and I purged a lot of stuff!
 This was what was waiting for Brian on Wednesday night.  Our TV died after a power outage last Sunday, and we had the Geek Squad come out to take a look.  We expected for our lamp to be out, and for  them to replace it (it happened frequently with our old TV).  Instead, the "Geek" (he was the nicest guy) saw a yellow spot on our screen for the two seconds it stayed on.  I guess it would have been more expensive to replace the parts than it would have been to just refund our money - because they refunded the money!  Amazing! When Brian bought our old TV in 2004 (it was his "big purchase" when he bought the old house) they were much more expensive than they are now.  And they're better quality.  And, we got this TV for free and still have money sitting on a gift card.  I will never buy another piece of electronic equipment from another store (not that I really did anyway, but you get the point)!
 Wyatt was writing various letters on the Magna Doodle the other day. When I asked what he was doing, he told me he was signing Hudson up for baby sign language class! 
This picture was totally taken just to send to Daddy.  Wyatt caught a fly in this little toy last night  On purpose.  He is obsessed with getting flies out of the house.  He's back on the hunt again today, but he told me that he needs a piece of food to make the fly come in so he can trap it.  I don't know where he gets this stuff?

And another tidbit from Wyatt - he saw that I got new jammies for Reese last night and then came up to me and asked, "Hey Mommy, did you buy those jammies at the store, or did you order them online?"  Seriously, they pay attention to everything!

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