Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekly iPurge

Here are this week's pictures from my phone!

 Waiting patiently to go swimming!  Love that you can see Bella peeking over his shoulder and Jeannie right at his knee!  Those dogs love to have the kids over.  My mom told my dad that the kids and I were coming over, and Bella hopped up and ran to the door to wait for us!
 Sharing the crumbs right off her face....yeah....
 Wyatt is a little obsessed with Captain America right now.  On Brian's day off we went to run an errand first thing in the morning, and we stopped to get me some coffee.  We also got Wyatt a Captain America drink.  He loved it!
 I have heard great things about Moscato from a few friends and I tried it for the first time last week.  DELICIOUS.  I'm a Riesling lover, but this might be my new favorite!
 Nick Jr. switched around their programming schedule recently, which caused a bit of bedtime upheaval at first.  The kids were so used to watching Diego before bed, and now Blue's Clues is their last show.  I have to say, they became instant fans.  Yesterday they took these dry erase boards around the kitchen solving Blue's Clues.  They've also decided that the hallway to the garage is "college," and one of them occasionally goes off to college (this all thanks to Steve on Blue's Clues leaving to go to college, Andy in Toy Story 3 leaving for college, and some talks we've been having about Aunt Katie leaving next year).  Reese made me happy when she said, "When I get bigger, I'm going to go to the same college as Wyatt."
This is the first thing she does when she gets out of the pool.  She eats.  So silly!


  1. Love your title (ipurge)! Enjoy your weekend

  2. We seem to have the same bedtime routine with Nick Jr. Ha!