Friday, July 15, 2011

Pinnable Me: Birthday Party Inspiration

I am linking up with Stefanie's blog to share my latest Pinterest finds for Reese's birthday!  I can not believe that my baby girl is going to be three years old in a little over a month!  We usually wait until September to have her party (we have a lot of friends with busy summers), but I still need to start planning.  When I asked Reese what kind of party she wanted her answer was emphatic: Minnie Mouse party!  I started pinning things immediately, and this is what I have so far...

I love these invitations!
Source: via Brittney on Pinterest

This would be the cutest center piece for the food table!
Source: via Brittney on Pinterest

I am also in love with this outfit!
Source: via Brittney on Pinterest

These cookies look too cute, and deliciously yummy!

And I just think this soap is too cute for words!

I need a much smaller cake than this - but it's adorable!  And I've been thinking about trying out making a cake with fondant...

I'm working on a few fun Pinterest projects right now that I'm hoping to share soon (one is actually drying right now)!  I am having so much fun finding new, fun ideas for my home and new recipes!


  1. So cute! I sooo hope I have a little girl with our next one so I can put cute bows in her hair!! Carl will have to let me torture (i.e., put bows in his hair) our little boy if we don't ;] haha

  2. cute! make sure you check out my blog to get ideas as well. if you want to, i can give you some ideas!