Thursday, July 28, 2011

Zoo Trip!

The kids chose to go to the zoo on Brian's Monday off.  I have to say that I was incredibly impressed that we got out the door and made it to the zoo 15 minutes before it opened.  We are rarely early (or even on time) to anything!

Hudson and I got dressed in our new Derek Jeter shirts!
 It is so much easier to do things when Brian comes along!  Looking back on Wyatt and Reese - Wyatt was out of his stroller and walking or being carried around the zoo when he was really young.  With Reese, we waited until she was a bit older because it just seemed crazy to let both of them walk.  We decided that we would let Hudson be out of his stroller as much as possible on this trip - and he LOVED it!

 This is a little boy who really misses his Daddy during the summer months!  He didn't want to leave his side all day.
 Seriously, how many pictures am I going to have of Wyatt stopping to look at maps?  He does is everywhere!
 I guess Hudson wanted an up close view of the new birds!
 The orangutans were still asleep when the zoo opened - but they were right up against the glass.  Wyatt really liked getting close to them!
 This little guy came right up to the glass to say hello to Reese and Hudson (Reese, by the way, wanted nothing to do with getting her pictures taken on Monday)!
 My 4 otters!
 Hudson really liked the otters!  They were very active,  running around and swimming everywhere!  I think he's copying me...

We had a really great day!  We spent 2 hours at the zoo (before it got too hot) and then came home for naps (and Brian and I both got to take one, too).  Brian's mom came over to watch Hudson and we took Wyatt and Reese to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie (I'll post more about that later).  We picked up Hudson, went to Target to get a few things and then stopped at the Skinny Dip for some frozen yogurt.  The kids were so good all day.  I know that being out and about all day can be a little crazy for little ones, but we try to cram as much fun into one day as we can when Daddy's off of work.  I am probably the only person on the planet looking forward to our fall schedule - school, weekends off for Brian, fall weather and fall activities!  Sign me up!


  1. I could eat Hudson up!! What a smooshy-face sweetie pie!

  2. The orangutans were asleep the last time we went, too. One kept opening his eyes a little bit to see if we were still looking at him, lol.