Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekly iPurge

I was just able to dump the pictures from my phone! We didn't have swimming lessons this week (we go back on Monday), so we have spent a lot of time this week playing outside (it's been gorgeous the last few days) and doing a few other things.  I have really gotten it into my head to get more organized.  I have been exhausted over the last few months and things have really just gotten out of hand!  There are so many times that I have left things until the end of the day to take care of (like straightening up), and by the end of the day I end up sitting on the couch to tired to get up!

I started last week by organizing my pantry.  Don't let this picture fool you.  Wyatt had nothing to do with it!
 When I was at Target on Sunday I saw these little craft cubbies.  I've been meaning to make some "snack cubbies" for the refrigerator, so I picked them up!  Right now I have two set up - this one has carrot sticks, string cheese and yogurt (the cheese and yogurt are staples of Wyatt's diet), and the other has snack bags with grapes, strawberries and fresh pineapple.  It's been awesome to have everything cut up. The kids can just reach in and grab something, and they're all healthy choices!
 When we went to Busch Gardens on Monday, Hudson was very into the show at FestHaus.  He cracked me up!
 Here is Hudson's new Derek Jeter shirt!
 We got an American Girl catalog in the mail yesterday, and Reese picked it up and started to flip through it!  She loved all the babies - but based on the way she ripped up the paper, I would say she definitely isn't ready for one of these dolls yet!

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  1. OK, I'm totally stealing the idea for the snack containers! Such a good idea!