Friday, July 29, 2011

The Movies

The kids were both so excited when we told them that we were taking them to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie.  I was a little concerned because they both love the show My Friends Tigger & Pooh, but Reese loves Darby and Buster (Darby is the "new" Christopher Robin) the best.  Since the new movie features Christopher Robin, I didn't know how she would react (and I was also concerned about her ability to stay quiet).

Brian and I are "movie people."  Back when we were dating it was not uncommon for us to see two movies in a weekend.  On more than one rainy day, we just saw movies back to back to back.  That doesn't happen anymore :).  But we do love to go when we get the chance!  Which is why we've seen Bridesmaids, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and Captain America in the last three weeks.  And we'll probably go to the movies tonight, too!  We're really looking forward to being able to take the kids more as they get older (although some of the movies that they make for kids today are a little too rude, so we need to be cautious!).

Wyatt is apparently a movie expert (he's been to the free movies with Brian many times), so I guess he thought he would lead the way!
 Posing for her "first movie" picture!

I took this during the movie with my phone.  She was just too cute taking a sip of her drink and watching that silly old bear!

 They were both so good!  They both talked some, but it's a kids movie - not a big deal. They really liked the movie, and even though there was one kind of scary part, it didn't freak them out.  I'm glad we went to see it though, because it's probably one of the best movies for little ones - no guns, fighting, rude humor or suggestive characters.  Seriously, a breath of fresh air!

And after all that wholesomeness - Wyatt wanted his picture taken by the Captain America poster.  I will never be able to get the super hero fanatic out of this boy - even if I don't let him see this for a very long time!

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