Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekly iPurge

On Tuesday afternoon the kids woke up from naps running wild.  We went to Sonic for happy hour to get out of the house and cool off! I love, love, love their Diet Coke with vanilla. LOVE.  I let the kids get orange slushes and they really liked them.  A lot.  (So much in fact, that we used them as bribes for good behaviour when we took them to get their pictures taken!)

 The kids and I went out to lunch at Chili's the other day with my mom and sister. The kids loved the mac and cheese and I got my old favorite food - chicken crispers with fries and cinnamon apples.  In high school this was a staple meal for my friend Carolyn and I!  I worked at Chili's waiting tables and bartending for a couple of years, and I just loved their food.  Of course, I was running around like a crazy person then, so I didn't have to worry about what I ate.  Now?  Not so much.
 Reese is such a silly kid.  She likes variety in her meal choices, and she was just sick of having waffles for breakfast - so she asked for peanut butter and jelly!
 Brian and Wyatt's Derek Jeter shirts finally came and Wyatt wanted to show his off - and then proclaimed it be "too big!"
Reese called me into the living room because she was "having surgery" - I'm not sure I would trust that doctor!  Hudson is totally addicted to standing right now - he loves to creep on the couch or even just have his hands held.  His balance is also getting so good.  I just can't believe how big he is getting!
 Wyatt and Reese wanted to make "crafts for Daddy," so I let them use their safety scissors.  Wyatt is so good with his (I guess a year of school helps with that) and Reese is slowly learning!

It has been so hot here lately and all we've wanted to do is stay inside.  We've gone swimming at my parents' house a lot, but even then it's still unbearable if you aren't in the water.  I think we're heading back again this afternoon!

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