Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Swimming Lessons

We had more swimming lessons this week.  Reese was less than excited about that development.  She did not like water in her eyes or the idea of jumping into the pool.  She was not very happy with us....
She got better about it as the week went on.  The instructors are so good with her and didn't pressure her to do anything, but she wanted to by the time the week was up. I think a little bit of sibling rivalry might be at play, too.  Wyatt was so focused on getting another sticker that it was all he talked about, and I think that made her want one as well.  She practiced her bubbles and sticking her head under water!
Wyatt was like a little fish all week!  He worked so hard to get his Station 3 sticker.  I didn't know he could swim underwater until he got to class on Tuesday.  He wears his life jacket all the time when we're at Didi and Pop Pop's pool.
He also learned to float on his back!
By the end of the week Reesie was jumping in the pool all by herself, without holding any of her instructors' hands!  She was very excited to come tell me about it!
Every day Wyatt would ask me before "group time" if I thought he'd done well enough to get his sticker.  He had to float on his tummy and back for 5 seconds each, and on his first test he only lasted 3 seconds on his tummy but all 5 on his back.  I told him he should work really hard the next day and he might just do it.  He was so excited when they gave him his third sticker!
This little guy's work ethic shocks me!  At 4 years old he really wants to be the best at whatever he does.  Whenever our pediatrician tells us that he's just built to be an athlete I just kind of laugh it off, but this boy hasn't tried a sport yet that he doesn't like.  Brian wants to give him the freedom to try out lots of different sports so he can decide what he likes best, so this could be an adventure!  I don't think swimming will make the cut because we really just did this for safety, but I think football or ice hockey is on the horizon.  Guess we should find a good dentist...


  1. Your children are just precious! Sounds like you stay pretty busy with them. Your blog is great. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Yay for Wyatt! I think it is wonderful that he is already wanting to be the best at everything! I can only imagine that having an athlete is so much fun!

  3. Yeey Wyatt! Way to go little man!!

  4. Looks so fun! I can't wait until B is old enough to start swimming. We were just big enough to do the "infant readiness" classes...

  5. stopping by from Jenna's. Looks like so much fun to swim!

  6. Visiting from Jenna's. I LOVE your blog name. Adorable. =) I'm now following your blog.