Sunday, July 24, 2011

Swim Lessons and Other Randomness

We had another week of swim lessons this week.  Wyatt worked really hard to try to get his Station 4 sticker (but didn't this week), and Reese is super close to getting her Station 2 sticker - but she won't blow bubbles. I can tell she's driving her instructor nuts, because that is the only thing holding her back!

I can't believe how well Wyatt is doing swimming on his own.  He is just becoming a little fish.  It cracks me up (and makes me happy) that he will only swim without a life jacket in this pool.  When we swim at Didi and Pop Pop's pool he wants nothing to do with having it off!
Here's Reesie, trying to blow bubbles, again.  The kid that is sitting on the edge did not stop screaming on Monday.  Reese called him "The Screaming Kid" for the rest of the week.  She is so funny!
Action shot of her jumping in!
Another one of her "things" - she can't stand water in her face, so when they have to kick she turns her face away.

I am currently investigating getting a zoom lens for my camera because we need it!  I love the pictures my camera takes, but for things like swimming lessons and sports I just can't get the picture close enough. I signed Wyatt up for fall tee ball on Friday night, and Reese is going to play soccer (fortunately her soccer is only on Mondays and there are no tee ball games on Mondays- so this works out well). I need a zoom lens so I can take pictures up close!  I asked Wyatt if he wanted to play soccer, but he said no.  I guess he didn't buy into World Cup fever...

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