Thursday, July 14, 2011

A little Hudson!

I feel like I just blogged about this little guy turning 8 months old, but he's just been so busy growing that I have more to share!
  • He can crawl when he wants to.  He still prefers rolling all over the place, but he's been moving on all fours more over the last few days!
  • We have 2 more teeth popping through up top.  He's been so good about it that I didn't even notice it until he was gnawing on my finger at Busch Gardens.  And one of them had already cut! He's starting to look more like a big boy!
  • He's (finally) sleeping in his own room at night (and at nap time too)!  Brian got the crib put together last week and he spent the night in there for the first time on Monday.  He has been doing really well (I know I probably just jinxed myself)!
  • The other day he was able to stand up and hold onto the couch for a few minutes.  He's also able to brace himself standing for a few seconds at a time, too.  Wyatt walked for the first time just before he turned 9 months old, so we'll have to see if his little brother can catch up!
  • Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures of his room one day soon.  I better run now though, Mr. Mischievous is into everything!

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