Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bike Ride with Daddy!

We had enough time before the movie on Sunday for Brian to take Reese for her first bike ride.   We bought this seat for Wyatt, but it has not been used enough!  We'd like to get more active in general, so I'm hoping she gets to take more rides with Brian (and then Hudson of course)!  I say "with Brian" because I am way too klutzy to be allowed to carry our kids on a bike!

 The "before" pose.  Adorable!
 In case you can't tell - she was excited!
 Loving it!
They took a nice long ride around the neighborhood, and she had such a good time!  As they were leaving the court I heard her say, "I love you, Daddy!"  So sweet!

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  1. Does the strap stay nicely on her shoulders? One always slips down Hunter's arm and I followed the set up instructions! lol