Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hudson's First Birthday Party...Part One!

Hudson's First Birthday Party was today!  Our little guy won't officially turn 1 until next Saturday, but we initially planned his party for this week because we were thinking about going to Disney World next week.  That plan changed, but we decided to keep his birthday party on the 30th!

Here is the spread in the kitchen!  Since we decided to go with a football theme, I kept the food simple - football snacks and yumminess!
 A few of our favorite guests!  I didn't know Colin knew the peace sign until I looked at this picture.  Reese and Piper are giving us their best fake smiles!
 Aunt Allison took the pictures of Hudson's first cake!  I made his little smash cake myself with a Wilton 6-inch cake pan.  I did my best to make a little football on top, too! 
 He was very dainty with the cake at first - he took a few little swipes of frosting!
 While he worked on his cake Tyler, Wyatt, Colin and Derek ate their cupcakes together.  Can you tell that three of these sweet boys are cousins? Can you tell that I let my child dress himself to run errands with Daddy this morning, and then never had time to change him before the party? Ha! Apparently there was some sort of team structure formed around who ate chocolate and who ate vanilla.  I couldn't keep up!
 You might have to look hard to find Hudson here because his face is camouflaged.  I love this little fella so much!  He's wearing the same sweet shirt his big brother wore at his first birthday party!
 The look on Tyler's face in this picture cracks me up!  The kids had the best time watching Hudson get messy while he ate his cake!
Mommy and Daddy with our birthday boy!  I can't believe he's so close to turning a year old!
After this picture Hudson was whisked away to the bathtub for a little post-cake clean up! I'll post a few more details of the party later, but I thought I'd break it up a little bit!  Thanks for taking the pictures Aunt Allison!


  1. aww the boys definitely look alike! looks like a fun party!!

  2. That is so cute! Hudson really enjoyed that cake!

  3. You're certainly welcome! It's always nice to have someone else be the picture taker so you can enjoy the party more....and be in the pictures for a change.

  4. Oh and right after the picture was taken with me and the kids eating....Piper said "Mama I smiled...aren't you so proud of me?" Of course now I see that it was her fake smile :)

  5. LOVE it!!! Hudson looks like he thoroughly enjoyed his cake and all of the festivities!!

  6. What a sweetie pie! I still want to smoosh his sweet cheeks!