Monday, June 2, 2008

Wyatt's Day

Wyatt woke up this morning and had breakfast as usual. He then decided that the drawer under the oven was the very best place in the house to play. I mean, who wouldn't want to play amongst cookie sheets and pizza pans? I suppose I'll have to see if the oven door lock that we have would also work for the drawer so that the little one can't keep playing there....

He was finally coerced out of the drawer, but then decided to protest Daddy going to work for the 22nd day in a row. Wyatt either wanted to be able to go to work with Daddy like Noelle does, or he wanted Daddy to stay home and play. Wyatt tried to take Daddy's bag so that he couldn't go to work, but he got caught. Unfortunately, that meant Daddy went to work and Wyatt had to stay home with Mommy. Bummer.
Wyatt spent the day playing on his Kawasaki Green ATV (well, balancing while standing on it, but he's starting to learn to walk it around) and trying to find new, creative ways to reach the remote control that mean old Mommy constantly takes away from him and moves out of reach. By the end of the night he was exhausted, but when we put him to bed he must have thought it was too hot in the house. He took off his socks and decided to put his piggies outside the crib to let them get some air.

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