Thursday, June 19, 2008

Poppers are the Devil...and Baby Girl Update!

Wyatt has a corn popper. I'm not a fan.

Wyatt went to Tyler's birthday last week. Tyler has a lawn mower popper. Wyatt loved it. Guess who has a lawn mower popper now courtesy of his Daddy.

It's driving me nuts. I know little kids toys are loud, but this is seriously Wyatt's current favorite toy. And tonight he had both of them out. My head is pounding. I understand that Brian had a blast watching him play with it, but I'm thinking that once Brian is home more often he's going to find this popper thing irritating too. As of right now I'm just being a grumpy Mommy. (Who really is grumpy because sleep is getting harder and harder to come by).

We went to the Doctor on Monday for a Baby Girl check up (and no, Aunt Allison she does not have a name!). This is one of the first times this pregnancy that I have been really upset with the Doctor. And not even so much the Doctor, but her nurse. When we were in the waiting room she was talking (loudly) about how some patient was "pissed" that they couldn't find her chart. I walked in the room and the paper from the last appointment was still on the table! I'm sorry, but I have a good feeling about what had gone on in there before and I was disgusted. Brian looked at me and said "You are not getting up there." When the nurse came in she took my blood pressure and took off the paper and cleaned the table, and then asked if I had any problems. I said that I was having a problem seeing dots floating around when I stood too quickly and she wrote it down and left. When the Doctor came in the nurse hadn't left her the paper that she'd taken my questions down on and I had to repeat myself. Then the Doctor pulled more paper up over the table so she could measure me and check the heartbeat. It was so irritating!

On a brighter note, I'm measuring right at 29 weeks so I'm right on schedule. I've only put on 15 pounds this pregnancy (which is about 25 pounds less than I'd put on at this point with Wyatt), and my blood pressure is really good. I also passed my glucose test, so gestational diabetes is not a worry! Baby Girl's heartbeat is nice and strong, and we should schedule the C Section soon. I'm looking forward to having a definite "end date." I'm really uncomfortable at night no matter how I lay down, and I'm always thirsty, but that of course has me getting up to go the bathroom every hour. At that point it becomes a whole new get comfy process and it all starts over again! I'm now going to the Doctor every two weeks and I'm really excited because my next appointment is with my favorite Doctor - the one who delivered Wyatt. She's really great and I'm hoping that I can schedule my surgery with her, but I'm fine with pretty much all the Doctors in the practice. I may just ask for the earliest date that they can give me within a week of the due date and go with whatever!

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