Friday, June 20, 2008

Who in Their Right Mind?

Taught my child how to climb up on the sofa by himself and run across it? Okay, so maybe he learned how to do it on his own, but seriously. He picks up every pillow and runs across the sectional to throw them in the corner by the fireplace. And he totally does it American Gladiators style. Once he's cleared the sofa of all the pillows he tries to climb over the edge and onto the end table with the lamp, which I've stopped about 25 times this morning. I don't have a huge problem with him being on the couch because I put Noelle's dog bed in the middle of it so if he were to fall he'd fall onto her super thick dog bed (and he thinks it's funny), but I'm waiting for him to climb over the edge of the couch that doesn't have an end table and that will not be pretty....

On a happy note, Baby Girl did not have me awake every hour last night! But the hail totally woke me up and I was scared for my car or "cuck" as Wyatt calls it (It's a hybrid word of "car" and "truck"). Wyatt was pretty funny when the hail started. In the video monitor I saw him sit up and look around with a grumpy look like "Who dares disturb the rest of Wyatt?" and then he just threw himself back down and went back to sleep.

Anyway, I'm about to hide all the poppers in the house and Shannon and Tyler are coming to play in the pool!

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