Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Fabulous Husband!

I just want to take a moment to say how truly fabulous my husband is! I am thankful for him everyday although I don't feel like I've seen him much since Mother's Day....

Three things today that have reminded me just how fabulous he is:
1. Our fantastic son who keeps pointing to my nose and saying "nose." And then following it up with a High 5 because he knows how good he is. How smart is he getting?

2. Our wonderful pool that baby girl and I floated in while said fantastic son napped. Brian's worked really hard the last few weeks (on top of the 10 - 12 hour work days) to get our pool ready for summer. And with me being pregnant, on a day like today there is nothing better than floating in the pool reading a book!

3. My glorious remote start in the Rav4. I never really dropped any hints that I it was something I needed in a car, but I did say how handy it was for some people at work who have it. But when he surprised me with the Toyota at Christmas, he surprised me even more by having the remote start installed! On winter mornings it was fantastic, but it's even better now when Wyatt and I are out running errands and the car gets hot. Last summer it was stifling when we first got in the Sentra and I felt so bad for Wyatt who hates being hot, but now the Rav4 is nice and cool.

And those are only 3 reasons of millions that I love my husband!

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