Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You Think You Know Somebody!

I think the heat is getting to Brian because he shocked me the other day. After almost eight years together (almost two of them married), I didn't think he could really surprise me. Well...he did.

On Monday he had a meeting at work. He left the house in dress pants and a shirt and tie. When he came home, he had on a sport coat too. Like, a real, new navy blue sport coat. I was astonished. My husband doesn't wear sport coats (and honestly, I prefer it that way). In the summer time he leaves the house in khaki shorts, a white tshirt, a Yankees hat and flip flops or sneakers...with a dog in tow. Needless to say, I thought a stranger had walked into my house.

Later that night, we were watching the Red Sox game on TV. The following phrase came out of my husband's mouth "Come on Jacoby, I need some hits, some runs, some stolen bases." Jacoby Ellsbury is a player for the Red Sox and he's on Brian's fantasy baseball team. I was a little surprised to hear him rooting for one of the Red Sox players though, so I jokingly asked him if he was a Red Sox fan now...and I think he took it too far. The following phrases came out of my husband's mouth (my husband who I always thought was a Yankees fan - you may have to know a little about baseball to get these)....

1."My favorite Dimaggio was Dom!"
2. "The only Red Sox player I hate is JD Drew."
3. "Curt Schilling was bleeding from the ankle. It wasn't a ketchup packet."
4. "And the Sox would have gone to the World Series in '03 if it hadn't been for Aaron F'n Boone!"
5. "Honey, have you seen my Ted Williams McFarland figure?"
6. "I think we should name the baby Varitek. And call her 'C.C' short. You know, 'cause he's the catcher and the captain."
7. "There's nothing wrong with Manny Ramirez, he has cool dreadlocks."
8. "Honey, when I call you could you please be more like Papelbon and answer the call?"

He also made some favorable comments regarding Terry Francona and Mike Lowell as well, but it's hurting my heart a little to keep typing them. Brian says he was just kidding, but he's been banned from the Yankee Room until further notice...and I think he might be disowned of he doesn't stop.

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