Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Pool Boy

With it being so hot the last few days, Wyatt has clocked in a lot of pool time. With Brian's crazy schedule we've been going to my Mom and Dad's to swim because I'm more comfortable taking him in when someone else is around too. We've been going over in the evening around dinner time so Wyatt can get some playing in before bed time (and I think it helps him sleep a little better too).

Anyway, with Brian off today (YAY!) I'm hoping we get to take the little fella in our pool today. I mentioned before how hard Brian's been working to get it ready (it stayed perfect and clear all fall/winter/spring until just when we were about to use it!), but Wyatt's always willing to help Daddy work on the "poooool." That's how he says it. He really draws the "o" out. Anyway, here are a few shots of Wyatt helping Daddy with the Polaris.
"Hold on Daddy, I got this."

"Ooooh, what does this do?"
Trying to pull the Polaris along
Laughing at Daddy

Trying to show Mommy how it works

Today we're going to hang out as a family and we're picking up Baby Girl's furniture from Babies R Us this afternoon. Once everything is painted her room will be all set. We're moving Wyatt to a new room and putting her in his room because it's a better "nursery" so that's two rooms that need to be painted. But it'll happen soon. I hope!

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